Our Range

Pyrocal offer three sizes of BiGchar Continuous Carbonisers. Each of these can be adapted to optimise the production of carbonised products (chars) and/or heat. The table below describes the potential for heat from each model systems. Char production from these systems can be expected to range between 5 and 35% of dry feed, depending on the biomass characteristics and machine settings.

All of our models can be configured as fixed, relocatable or mobile plants. Units can be ganged to provide higher throughputs and processing redundancy.

All of our models can be configured to comply with a wide range of emissions standards.

The chars produced by our systems typically have a high porosity and surface area, however Pyrocal can also offer integrated sizing, conditioning, activation, functionalisation, de-ashing and coking equipment processes to produce a wide range of carbon based products.

BiGchar Continuous Carbonisation Technology – Model Options


BiGchar 1200

BiGchar 1800+

BiGchar 2200

Maximum Biomass processing capacity in kg/hr (lb/hr) 250 (550) 635 (1400) 1000 (2200)
Max. thermal output * (16 MJ/kg LHV fuel) kW (MMBTU/hr) 750 (2.5) 1900 (6.5) 3000 (10.2)
Equivalent LPG usage kg/hr (lb/hr) 56 (123) 142 (312) 225 (495)
Max. usable heat when exchanged to water kW (MMBTU/hr) 630 (2.1) 1600 (5.5) 2550 (8.7)
Hot water output for 40oC/72 F temp. rise litre/hr (US Gal/hr) 13480 (3570) 34280 (9060) 54640 (14430)
Drying (water removal) capacity at 4.2 MJ/kg of water removed kg/hr (lb/hr) 640 (1410) 1630 (3580) 2570 (5653)
Nominal weight of equipment to standard scope kg (lb) 2000 (4400) 7000 (15400) 8350 (18370)
Nominal footprint of supplied equipment (excl. biomass & char handling) m (ft) 6 x 2.3 (18 x 7’6″) 9 x 2.7 (30 x 9) 9 x 2.7 (30 x 9)

+ BiGchar 1800 can be specified in a derated form, for 480 kg/hr capacity.

Hot water production requires the addition of a fire tube heat exchanger, which is not included in the standard scope.

Actual performance is subject to the specific type and quality of biomass provided.

* Value available for direct heating. Values depend on biomass and operating mode (char or heat bias). Please consult Pyrocal.