A unique carbonisation technology

BIG CHAR CCT fast rotary hearth technology was developed to satisfy a need for cost effective conversion of waste biomass to charcoal and energy.

Is BIG CHAR for me?

What our Vietnamese client says

In November 2014, one of our BiG Char 2200 models was installed at a new EcoFarm corn and rice processing facility near Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.


The BIG CHAR technology:
Making a positive impact on local communities

Filmed in the Mekong Delta of Southern Vietnam, here is an insight into the collaborative effort between Pyrocal (the Australian technology provider and the creators of BIG CHAR 1200K) and a Vietnamese company, Ecofarm, to help secure the future for the thousands of families that depend on traditional brick making. Learn how BIG CHAR –compared to traditional brick kilns– can reduce fuel costs, decrease emissions and as a result of continuous heating, can consistently produce quality bricks.