Health Potential of Essential Oils

The Health Potential of Essential Oils

For thousands of years now, mankind has been relying on natural plant extracts to aid in healing and the promotion of general well-being. Even now with access to modern medicines and state of the art treatment options, millions of people still turn to the tried and tested benefits offered by organic compounds and natural formulas.

These formulas come in all forms; from those that rely on dried parts of plants and trees, to liquid alternatives that offer their own benefits. Essential oils fall into the latter category and these unique formulations of organic compounds are trusted by medical practitioners and individual users alike. But what it is that makes these formulas such a potent powerhouse of health boosting potential?

The power of Mother Nature

There’s no greater force on earth than Mother Nature and although plants and herbs are just a small part of the environment, they still possess many key attributes and health boosting properties that can only be found within the great outdoors. Essential oil is harvested from plant life in all shapes and forms and once liquefied, the formula can be consumed, inhaled, or used on parts of the body to stimulate repair and regrowth.

Different plants offer varying health benefits, so it can be fairly straight forward to learn about the varying properties and then put them to good use however they can be of benefit. There are even instances where a medical practitioner may recommend using herbal extracts as a complement to regular medicinal treatments and therapies; or in place of these modern solutions.

There’s no denying that the natural properties contained within essential oil formulas can be of benefit to the human body and there have even been cases where they have been used to treat long term medical disorders and life threatening ailments. It all comes down to their properties and how they are best applied to the human body, but when done so properly and under the guidance of a medical practitioner (especially one that specialises in holistic healing), the benefits are undeniable.